Eddy Mperabyanka and Jolie Atumbe are two entrepreneurs who joined forces in 2021 to create Assamption Multimedia, a full-service creative agency that initially was a small photography and video production business founded by Jolie in 2016. Their sense of innovation and desire to help companies stand out allow them to see positive results in the projects in which they undertake. 


UX Design

We are devoted to design and implement brands that will provide positive and relevant interactions with users.

Brand Identity

The manner in which a business presents itself to the public is indispensable. This is why we creatively design visible elements of a brand to identify and distinguish it. 

Digital Production

We are dedicated to producing high-quality videos and photography that are original. This provides companies dynamic online content for their business.

Social Media Marketing

We help companies grow organically and foster a consumer-first mindset through the application of social media marketing.


You need a business card or promotional items for your next event? we provide high-quality custom printing for any business type. 

Business Strategy

Our purpose is to encourage companies to foster collaborative thinking for further innovation in their business.

Take a look at some quality visuals we shot throughout the years for remarkable brands and organizations!

Bold Leaders

As co-founders of Assamption Multimedia we are always ready to take on new projects no matter the size. We love what we do but most importantly we love working with people and bringing creative ideas to life! 

Eddy Mperabanyanka

Eddy Mperabanyanka

Partner and Vice-President

Jolie Atumbe

Jolie Atumbe

Founder and President

Executive Team

Executive Team



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